What is Commission Helsinki?

Commission Helsinki is a film commission serving the Helsinki metropolitan area.  Its purpose is to support all audiovisual productions and maximise their impact on the local economy. Commission Helsinki provides assistance and helps producers in sourcing production crew, facilities and locations. It provides a link to city officials and aims to make productions efficient and smooth. Commission Helsinki started in June 2013. Commissioner is Timoteus Tuovinen.

For whom?

Commission Helsinki is the single point of contact for all producers of audiovisual works and digital content. We help finding out production information and establish contacts with local resources to make sure that productions will be efficient and successful. Commission Helsinki also serves city officials, workers and decision makers in informing them why it is in everyone’s interest to facilitate content production in the area.

Goal and means

The commission’s goal is to make sure every potential producer is aware that Helsinki is a premium choice when deciding on production locale. Our phones work everywhere, we are fast and reliable, English is widely spoken, bank cards are accepted in the smallest kiosks, we offer the best value for euro and transportation is problem-free. Nature is always close by and – we still have pure white snow in the winter. We believe in personal service. Therefore, we base our success in communicating directly with production decision makers. We are open for dialogues and look forward to welcoming you to produce fabulous content in Helsinki metropolitan area!

Steering group

The commission’s steering committee represents top level talent from public and private organisations. Its members are:

Matti Halonen, CEO, Fisher King Productions
Johanna Karppinen, CEO, Favex
Petra Tarjanne, Ministerial Adviser, Ministry of Employment and Economy
Nyrki Tuominen, Director Business Development, City of Helsinki
Janne Yli-Äyhö, Chief Operations Officer, Yleisradio

Advisory board

Commission Helsinki has appointed an advisory board to suggest initiatives and give feedback to the Commission’s role in the digital ecosystem. The board consists of the following people:

Sakari Heiskanen, Head of Factual Literature and Transmedia, Gummerus Publishing
Klaus Heydemann, Producer and Director, Inland Production Services
Pauli Kopu, Designer and Producer, KLOK Creative Video Agency
Maaretta Tukiainen, Author, Coach and Startup entrepreneur, new.me