No Noob Networks kokoaa media-alan toimijat yhteen marraskuussa!

is happening in the Finnish media industries at the moment?
How should the field be developed?
What kind of challenges does internationalization pose
within the media industries?

and join our think tank in No Noob Networks workshop in 4th
of November at Ylen Iso Paja.

No Noob Network
is a workshop organized for the media industry
professionals and students. The aim of the workshop is to
encourage public debate and highlight current issues and
phenomena in media industry in Finland and Internationally.

The workshop 
starts at 12:00 with case studies, introducing the current hot topics.

The event is free of charge.

Please sign up for the event here and be sure to register by 2nd of November at the latest. Register here:

For more information, visit our website at
Or contact our team:
Susanna Snellman
Media Networks
Project Manager

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