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Film Permits in Airport and Airlines

Film Permits in Finnair airplanes & premises / /
To film planes, staff and space in which they operate you don’t need a permit from Finnair. For filming inside the airport, please check the regulations under ‘Filming in Helsinki Airport’.

To film inside airplanes or any Finnair premises, please contact Finnair Media Desk.

To film in restricted area (such as technical places, catering, cargo), you will need a permit and an escort guide. Please contact Finnair Media Desk.
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Film Permits in Helsinki Airport
The filming of movies, TV series, advertisements and different kinds of videos at the airport must always be agreed in advance with Finavia, because in most cases, terminal facilities and airport staff resources are needed. The press does not require a filming permit at any of Finavia's airports (however, please contact the Media Desk to facilitate your visit).

Please send inquiries to Finavia by using the filming request form. Small-scale filming requests should be sent five days and those of major productions three weeks prior to the intended date of filming.

Filming instructions concerning Helsinki Airport

As a rule, filming at Helsinki Airport is only possible when the traffic flow is slow: on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 9 a.m. – 1 p.m.

So that passengers can smoothly and safely move from place to place, the filming crew and equipment should be as compact as possible. The implementation of major filming projects is subject to several limitations.

When necessary, Finavia will charge €480 per hour + VAT at 24% for filming at Helsinki Airport. The price includes terminal facility use arrangements, possible technical assistance, security arrangements and the salaries of assistants and coordinators.