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Film Permits on Streets / Green Areas

Film Permits on Streets/Green Areas
Media representatives can film public places and events in Helsinki for editorial purposes without a permit. Commercial filming conducted on the streets or the green areas without any equipment structures on the ground do not require a permit either.

If the filming is conducted on the streets or the green areas and may hinder people from moving freely, or when traffic arrangements are needed, then a traffic arrangement permit is needed from the Public Works Department (Rakennusvirasto). +358 9 310 39000,

If filming in public spaces restricts the movement of others or requires traffic arrangements, notification must be given to the police (police permit info: tel. +358 7 1877 3125, Mon - Fri 9 am - 11 am). In addition, permission is required from the landowner or property holder.

When requesting filming permits, please supply the following information:

- full name of person requiring the permit, company he/she represents and name of the production
- contact information of person requiring the permit
- total number of people in film crew
- purpose, time, place and duration of filming