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Film Permits on Public Transport

Film Permits on Trams, Metro, Metro Stations and Ferry to Suomenlinna
Helsinki City Transport (HKL) is owned by the City of Helsinki and operates metro and tram network.

The filming of movies, TV series, advertisements and different kinds of videos at tram, metro, metro stations or ferry must always be agreed in advance with HKL, because in most cases, HKL’s facilities and staff resources are needed. The press does not require a filming permit at any of the above mentioned places, however, please contact HKL Communications or ferry office to inform the staff and security about filming and to receive further instructions.
So that passengers can smoothly and safely move from place to place, the filming crew and equipment should be as compact as possible; you should not block or otherwise interfere with the passengers. It is advised not to film on traffic peak hours 7-9 am and 3-5 pm. Remember also to have a valid public transport ticket when on board or at the metrostation, more information on


Filming on tram or metro/metrostations: email or call +358 9 310 35105.

Filming on the ferry to Suomenlinna: email or call +358 9 3102 1000.