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Film Permits in Trains/Stations/Harbours

Film Permits in Railway area
For all professional photography or filming in a railway area, permission is required from the Finnish Transport Agency (Liikennevirasto). The person granted permission is responsible for all costs in relation to the photography or filming as well as for any inconveniences or damages caused by the photography. A valid liability insurance covering all persons involved in the photography/filming is required along with permit request.

When filming in the station platform area or near the tracks, the following instructions apply to ensure your own safety and to make sure the filming does not disturb traffic:

- Do not enter the track area.
- You must keep at least 1.5 meters away from the edge of the platform, unless you are boarding or unboarding a train.
- The filming must not disturb train traffic or passengers.
- The lights must not in any way cause visual distraction to the engine driver or passengers.
- From the platform level, it is not allowed to go closer than 3 meters to the contact wire or hinged cantilever with a long object, such a as a microphone or a lamp. In addition to this, you have to look out for the roof structures and pantograph of the electric locomotive or train.
- The light equipment or other equipment must not rise above the electric conductors or be positioned in such a manner that they might fall on the conductors or tracks.
- Driving a vehicle on the station platform area is prohibited.
- Graffiti should not be shown in the film, if possible.
- All regulations concerning filming in public places must be followed.

Helena Marjaranta, Communications Director, +358 29 534 3020
Rauha Kiljunen-Ruotsalainen, Communications Manager, +358 29 534 3021
Inka Koskenvuo, Communications Manager, +358 29 534 3023
Maire Salonen, Communications Officer, +358 29 534 3160.
Film Permits in the Harbour Area
The port of Helsinki is Finland's main port, specialized in cargo services. It is also the busiest passenger port in Finland, with services to Tallinn, Stockholm, Travemünde, Rostock, Gdynia and St. Petersburg. The port of Helsinki consists of 5 harbours: West harbour, Hernesaari harbour, South harbour, Katajanokka harbour and Vuosaari harbour, each of which has one or more terminals.

A permit for filming and photography in the public spaces must be acquired in advance, in case scenes are shot for a film, or similar purpose, or if the size of the film crew exceeds five people or special arrangements are needed due to filming. The Port's public spaces include the check-in areas of the passenger terminals and the land areas that are directly connected to the street plan.

If you want to film for commercial purposes in the public spaces of the terminals or in front of them, you must always agree with the Port of Helsinki on all matters connected to the use of the spaces.

The permit must be applied well in advance before the scheduled filming, in any case no later than the previous day. Applications presented on shorter notice than this can be accepted only in special cases.

Filming permits are usually granted for single occasions and for short-term periods. An individual can be granted a long-term permit if there are justifiable reasons.

No permits are usually granted for commercial filming in the ISPS areas (core areas meant for cargo handling). Access to the ISPS area usually requires the presence of an accompanying person. The accompanying person can be a member of the Port of Helsinki staff or a representative of a company that operates at the harbour, and they must be aware of the security issues connected to moving about the area. High visibility vests must be worn in the ISPS areas. If needed, these can be borrowed from the gates at the harbour.

When applying for a filming permit, the following information must be given:
- First name, surname, and company of the person applying for the permit
- Telephone number(s) and fax number of the applicant

- Total number of people in the group

- Purpose and time of the filming, preferred location and duration of filming

- If parking access in the harbour area is needed, please specify the number of vehicles, vehicle registration numbers and operator and company names.

- The following people should be contacted in order to obtain a filming permit or to submit a notice on filming:

Port of Helsinki
-Olli Kunnala, Head of Security, tel. +358 9 310 33543
(South Harbour and West Harbour)
-Pekka Pietiäinen, Security Inspector, tel. +358 9 310 33615
(South Harbour and West Harbour)
-Antti Pulkkinen, Harbour Master, tel. +358 9 310 33600
(South Harbour and West Harbour)
-Petri Jäntti, Head of Terminal, tel. +358 40 751 8296
West Harbour (the West Terminal)
-Ari Markkanen, Head of Terminal, tel. +358 9 310 33522
South Harbour (the Olympia, Makasiini and Katajanokka Terminals)
-Tapio Jeskanen, Head of Terminal, tel. +358 50 544 3908
Vuosaari Harbour
-Andreas Slotte, Director of Traffic, tel. +358 9 310 33844
For more information: Olli Kunnala, Head of Security, tel. +358 9 310 33543

Container Depot
-Hannu Salin
Tel. +358 20 744 1315/+358 400 902 384

Fax +358 9 685 7286
Tel. +358 10 565 6388

FL Port Services
-Kari Pankasalo tel. +358 10 343 5377
-Mika Tapaninen tel. +358 10 343 5361
Fax +358 10 343 5616
24 h duty to ship service
Tel. +358 50 565 4802 or +358 10 343 4802

Marine Container Yard
-Teemu Heikkala
Tel. +358 40 900 6147
-Sami Airaksinen
Tel. +358 40 900 6144

Multi-link Terminals
Fax +358 20 746 0231
Tel. +358 20 746 0221

-Container coordinators:
Tel. +358 44 232 3754

Steveco clearance:
-Heli Niemi tel. +358 44 232 3438

Steveco subcontractors:
-Petteri Lautamies tel. +358 44 232 3743

For filming on the ferry to Suomenlinna, please check the section 'Filming on Public Transport'.
Film Permits in Trains, Stations & Platforms
VR is Finland's state-owned train company. For commercial film shoots (other than press) in trains and station interiors, a special permit is required.

A written application must be filed at least two weeks prior to filming. An application has to include a manuscript or a free-form description of the scene. VR Group has the right not to grant permission for commercial shooting, if it would unnecessarily interfere with customer service or safety of passengers. The permit comes with more detailed prescriptions and limitations.

VR has no price list, each production is negotiated case by case.

For commercial film permits on platforms, railway, stations  & other VR buildings, contact Taina Taskinen, tel. 020 637 3022.

For commercial film permits in trains, contact Markku Parkkonen, tel. 040 8621 161 or