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Media Schools

Aalto University – Dept. of Film, Television and Scenography
The aim of the education provided by the School of Film, Television and Scenography is to familiarise the student with the artistic and research processes and practices in the fields of cinema, scenography and costume design and contribute to the renewal of the art forms their represent.

Traineeships, participation in festivals and competitions, international studies and close-knit cooperation with both the rest of the academic world and business life and other cultural production create a secure footing for moving on to working life.
Metropolia University of Applied Sciences – Dept. Film and Television
Students choose to specialize in Cinematography and Editing, Sound Design and Production, Scriptwriting, Production Management or Radio and Television Broadcasting. Students acquire professional competencies to work in content production. They evolve into independent, collaborative and responsible specialists who employ an inquiry-led approach to their work.