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Association of independent producers in Finland, SATU
SATU ry represents independent producers of audiovisual content in Finland.

SATU ry's members comprise of about 100 independent production companies that produce television programs, commercials, digital content, services and events for the Finnish media channels. Please refer to SATU on queries about Finnish production companies.
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East Finland Film Commission
Niina Myller

+358 50 374 5417
ELONET Database
ELONET Database
Elonet is a data base maintained by National Audiovisual Archive and the Finnish Board of Film Classification (Finnish Centre for Media Education & Audiovisual Media since 1.1.2012), containing information on films and other visual programs screened in Finland, and on the people and companies involved in making them.

Elonet's  Quick Search  can be used for searching for films and persons by name. More detailed searches can be made in the Search pages, using such criteria as film title, contributing persons and company etc. Directions for making the searches are given adjacent to each search field and in the Search Instructions page.

Elonet is mainly concerned with domestic films and films distributed in Finland; accordingly, there may be gaps, for example, in the filmographies of foreign directors and actors.
Film Permits in Commercial Marketplaces
If filming is conducted in the commercial marketplaces (tori/tukkutori/kauppahalli), then a permit is needed from the Wholesale Market (HelTu).

When requesting film permits, please supply the following information:

- full name of person requiring the permit, company he/she represents and name of the production
- contact information of person requiring the permit
- total number of people in film crew
- purpose, time, place and duration of filming
Film Permits in Commercial places & Tourist attractions
If you would like to film inside commercial places or tourist attractions, permission must be requested in advance from the venue itself. For a list of contact persons for permits at the most popular sights, send an e-mail to:[at]
Film Permits in Finnair airplanes & premises / /
To film planes, staff and space in which they operate you don’t need a permit from Finnair. For filming inside the airport, please check the regulations under ‘Filming in Helsinki Airport’.

To film inside airplanes or any Finnair premises, please contact Finnair Media Desk.

To film in restricted area (such as technical places, catering, cargo), you will need a permit and an escort guide. Please contact Finnair Media Desk.
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Film Permits in Helsinki Airport
The filming of movies, TV series, advertisements and different kinds of videos at the airport must always be agreed in advance with Finavia, because in most cases, terminal facilities and airport staff resources are needed. The press does not require a filming permit at any of Finavia's airports (however, please contact the Media Desk to facilitate your visit).

Please send inquiries to Finavia by using the filming request form. Small-scale filming requests should be sent five days and those of major productions three weeks prior to the intended date of filming.

Filming instructions concerning Helsinki Airport

As a rule, filming at Helsinki Airport is only possible when the traffic flow is slow: on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 9 a.m. – 1 p.m.

So that passengers can smoothly and safely move from place to place, the filming crew and equipment should be as compact as possible. The implementation of major filming projects is subject to several limitations.

When necessary, Finavia will charge €480 per hour + VAT at 24% for filming at Helsinki Airport. The price includes terminal facility use arrangements, possible technical assistance, security arrangements and the salaries of assistants and coordinators.
Film Permits in Railway area
For all professional photography or filming in a railway area, permission is required from the Finnish Transport Agency (Liikennevirasto). The person granted permission is responsible for all costs in relation to the photography or filming as well as for any inconveniences or damages caused by the photography. A valid liability insurance covering all persons involved in the photography/filming is required along with permit request.

When filming in the station platform area or near the tracks, the following instructions apply to ensure your own safety and to make sure the filming does not disturb traffic:

- Do not enter the track area.
- You must keep at least 1.5 meters away from the edge of the platform, unless you are boarding or unboarding a train.
- The filming must not disturb train traffic or passengers.
- The lights must not in any way cause visual distraction to the engine driver or passengers.
- From the platform level, it is not allowed to go closer than 3 meters to the contact wire or hinged cantilever with a long object, such a as a microphone or a lamp. In addition to this, you have to look out for the roof structures and pantograph of the electric locomotive or train.
- The light equipment or other equipment must not rise above the electric conductors or be positioned in such a manner that they might fall on the conductors or tracks.
- Driving a vehicle on the station platform area is prohibited.
- Graffiti should not be shown in the film, if possible.
- All regulations concerning filming in public places must be followed.

Helena Marjaranta, Communications Director, +358 29 534 3020
Rauha Kiljunen-Ruotsalainen, Communications Manager, +358 29 534 3021
Inka Koskenvuo, Communications Manager, +358 29 534 3023
Maire Salonen, Communications Officer, +358 29 534 3160.
Film Permits in Recreational Areas
If the filming is conducted in the recreational areas, then a permit is needed from the City of Helsinki's Sports Department (Liikuntavirasto). Recreational areas include sport halls, ski tracks, trails, skating rinks.

When requesting film permits, please supply the following information:

- full name of person requiring the permit, company he/she represents and name of the production
- contact information of person requiring the permit
- total number of people in film crew
- purpose, time, place and duration of filming