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ELONET Database
ELONET Database
Elonet is a data base maintained by National Audiovisual Archive and the Finnish Board of Film Classification (Finnish Centre for Media Education & Audiovisual Media since 1.1.2012), containing information on films and other visual programs screened in Finland, and on the people and companies involved in making them.

Elonet's  Quick Search  can be used for searching for films and persons by name. More detailed searches can be made in the Search pages, using such criteria as film title, contributing persons and company etc. Directions for making the searches are given adjacent to each search field and in the Search Instructions page.

Elonet is mainly concerned with domestic films and films distributed in Finland; accordingly, there may be gaps, for example, in the filmographies of foreign directors and actors.
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Filmland Finland
This non-profit site offers you Finnish talent, companies, associations, filming locations and trailers of up-coming and finished productions. The site's Find-engine helps you to find exactly what you are looking for.

Filmpool Porvoo, Elokuvapooli Itä-Uusimaa
Elokuvapooli is a project which aims at strengtening audiovisual productions in the eastern  part of South Finland. Produs has a network of productions service companies and comprehensive location directory.

Elokuvapooli is a part of Creative Itä-Uusimaa-project and it will finish in May 2014.


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