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Association of independent producers in Finland, SATU
SATU ry represents independent producers of audiovisual content in Finland.

SATU ry's members comprise of about 100 independent production companies that produce television programs, commercials, digital content, services and events for the Finnish media channels. Please refer to SATU on queries about Finnish production companies.
Finnanimation is a non-profit association formed by Finnish animation producers in 2005. It carries out promotional and cultural export activities in all continents. The association is supported by the Ministry of Education and Culture in Finland.

The Finnish animation scene consists of independent production companies, educated animation directors and animators. There are both high quality CGI studios and talented 2D and stop-motion artists working in the field. Among Finnish specialities in the world of animation there is both dark humor for the festivals and a weekly political satire for prime time media. Also more and more pre school content has been made recently.

With Finnanimation's  search engine  you will find various audiovisual skills from many sectors that animation combines: from virtual worlds to games entertainment, from industrial modelling to advertising, from technical communication to high art. You may also add your company there, if it has animation one of the major specialities and you are located in Finland.
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Finnish Film and Audiovisual Export, FAVEX
Favex is an audiovisual industry association that facilitates the sales and marketing of Finnish audiovisual content abroad, through networking, match making, events, screenings, fact finding missions, presence at audiovisual markets, coaching and lobbying.

Favex promotes Finnish know-how and conducts and publishes annual research about the growth of TV and film sales export earnings and the development of international investments.

In Finland, Favex lobbies for improvements that would increase the industry’s competitiveness internationally.
Finnish Film Foundation, SES
The Finnish Film Foundation supports and promotes the Finnish film industry by funding professional film production and the exhibition and distribution of films. The Foundation is also responsible for the cultural export of Finnish film and provides support for the international promotion of Finnish films.

The Finnish Film Foundation receives its funding through the Ministry of Education and Culture from lottery and pools funds allocated for promoting film art.

The Managing Director of the Finnish Film Foundation is Irina Krohn.
Neogames’ members represent all sectors of the game industry from business to education and research. Neogames is an impartial umbrella association, and it serves the shared interests of all industry players. Its aim is to provide a solid and growth-oriented operating environment for the Finnish game industry as a whole.

Neogames operates very pragmatically and the work is guided by the needs of an industry in a constant state of flux.

Neogames'  services include organizing group trips to international events, coordination of cross-industry development projects, cooperation with ministries and the political sector, organizing domestic networking events, promoting media relations both domestically and internationally, and the production of various surveys and reports related to the Finnish games industry.

Neogames is also the information center of the Finnish game industry, and the coordinator for Tekes’ Skene – Games refueled program.

As the hub of the industry, it is the fastest channel to information and contacts within the Finnish game industry.
The Central Organisation of Finnish Film Producers, SEK
The Central Organisation of Finnish Film Producers is the trade association representing the interests of Finnish film producers.

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