Production services


Angel Films
Angel Films
Angel Films brings light to the movies. Our rental warehouse can provide you everything from grips and cranes to trucks and from lights to camera equipment.

As well as our tip-top condition equipment, we lease Finland's biggest studio, which offers 800 m2 (8,600 sq. ft.) of effective space for filming and events.

We also have an efficient service department and a cozy café. Take a moment to pop into the café and plan out your production. Our café is open from 07.30 a.m. to 16.30 p.m.
Lume Media Centre
Lume Media Centre
Media Centre Lume is one of the best equipped media production resources in European media schools. The comprehensive production and audience facilities have been designed with versatility in mind.

For television and video productions Lume provides a fully professional TV studio and a film studio, both of which can be used in product photo shoots and promotional campaigns too. There is all the equipment for filming in 3d. For sound post-production, especially film sound, Lume features a well-equipped mixing unit.

There are three auditoriums as well - Marilyn, Bunuel and Sampo - fully equipped for film screenings.
Magnusborg Studios
Magnusborg Studios
Magnusborg Hall is an atmospheric multi-purpose space located in Porvoo, 50 km from Helsinki. The space can be rented by artists, groups, associations and production companies for their projects. In particular, the use of the hall acoustics of the recording has been widely praised.

Well-equipped and well suited for film and audio recordings. The level of equipment can be raised to meet the needs of bigger productions.

234 m2 multi-purpose (6 m high, 13 m wide and 18 m long)
Space with large windows to the northeast and blackout curtains
The hall is surrounded by mobile Molton curtains (white, black) and a chroma-key curtain
Black and white dance mats, as well as chroma-key-mat
Lighting equipment and dimming
Audio playback
Facilities: kitchen / foyer, sauna and shower rooms
Valofirma is a lights & grip rental company with a huge amount of equipment for film, tv and advertisement productions.

Multi-purpose studio facilities are for rent and allow for a variety of studio productions. The studios offers equipment & solutions to fit small and large production needs.  (Chroma Key Studio, large Studio 450, Client Lounge)

Vans, trucks & generator cars are available in our vehicle rental. We fit all your transportation needs!